Special Issue "Genomic Medicine in 2014"

The Special Issue entitled "Genomic Medicine in 2014", that was encouraged by the Genomic Medicine Alliance and guest edited by Professors George P. Patrinos (University of Patras, Greece) and Barbara Prainsack (Kings College London, UK), members of the Scientific Advisory Committee has been published in Personalized Medicine, an international peer-review journal published by Future Medicine Group.

This Special issue is a collection of original, perspective and review articles highlighting the recent development of Genomic Medicine. This issue also hosts an interview of Professor Vural Ozdemir (Turkey), entitled "Personalized Medicine across borders and without borders". In his inteview Prof. Odzemir indicates that "...Alliances such as the Genomic Medicine Alliance are well poised to deliver on the realistic promises of genomics in the next 5–10 years and perhaps much sooner, in the ‘developed and developing world’ alike, and doing so in the spirit of responsible innovation, whereby ethics research is well informed by the social sciences."

Click here to access the entire content of the Special Issue "Genomic Medicine in 2014"

Click here to read to interview by Professor Vural Ozdemir.

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